Wa-Full Mr. Bud Wiser

June 24, 1989 to October 31, 2008

ASPC #138546A & AMHR #284631B

Bred by Wa-Full Farm, Paul & Chris Wait

"B&L's Mr. Palomino's Proud" X "Masters Golden Bubble"

1990/1991 Nat'l All-Star Champ Yrlg & 2 yr Old
Nat'l All-Star Champ Color Class
Nat'l All-Star Res Jr. Champ Stallion

pictured at 14 yrs old

Happy Trails & Thanks for the Memories Bud!!!
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aka "Bud Wiser"
Golden Boy's Captain Jim H.

ASPC #104532
1963 to 1988

Breeder:  Clark or Jean McKelvey

Sire:  Golden Boy Crescent
Dam:  Star of Dorcas

"Jim" was an own son of the great Golden Boy Crescent  A
lot of our herd goes back to "Jim" in some way.  We truly
loved this ole horse and he is greatly missed.
aka "Ole Jim"
Wa-Full Jim's Mr. T

ASPC #136109A
1985 to 2000

Sire:  Golden Boy's Captain Jim H.
Dam:  Ole's Bluebell VB

Breeder:  Paul or Chris Wait

"Mr. T." was a 40" dark red roan with a PURE white
mane & tail with a beautiful little head.  "Mr. T." was
one of our favorite stallions not only because of his
Crescent breeding but also his wonderful personality.
B & L Rock "E" The Navigator
Halter Hall of Fame
3 years old

ASPC #149509A

Bred by Loyd or Bonnie Hittle

We used "Navigator" starting in 2005.  We did get alot of
fine offsprings.  He is the sire of our newest stallion "Wally"
which we are excited to start using.

2004 Foundation Stallion of the Year

photo by Richard Mason
Wa-Full Golden Bennie

ASPC #136373A
DOB:  6-1-83

Sire:  Wa-Full Prince Gale
Dam:  Little Doll VB

Breeder:  Paul or Chris Wait

"Golden Bennie" was a beautiful buckskin stallion.  He was sold
to Sherri Milton in Canada where he later died
Red Rock Tomorrow's Kid Lee
ASPC #139885A
1991 to 2010

Bred By:  John Vriezlaar

"Red Rock's Tomorrow's X "Red Rock Sassy Lee"
Out of a Kid Lee son & a Kid Lee daughter
foal not available

pictured at 12 years old
Owner:  Lorri Wilkensen, Chapman, NE
Mar Kay's Spectacular Kid

May 19, 1990
ASPC #139027A

Bred By H.H. or Ruth Jess

"Kid Lee" X "Red Rock Sally"
"Spec" is a Kid Lee son & out of a Kid Lee daughter

Owned by: Freddy Wright & family, OK

pictured at 13 years old
Kid Lee

ASPC #129812A
DOB:  5-10-73

Sire:  Wink's Showdeo Kid
Dam:  Leela Larigo

Breeder:  Robert F. Leland
Lee-Land Chile
ASPC #131996A
DOB:  10-8-1977

Sire:  Kid Lee
Dam:  Chil-Lee

Breeder:  Robert F. Leland
Owner:  Bob Delello

aka "Buddy"
Wa-Full T.P.'s Buddy

ASPC #149867A & AMHR #220075B
DOB:  April 25, 2001

Breeder:  Wa-Full Farm, Paul or Chris Wait

Sire:  Wa-Full Mr. T.P.
ASPC #140620 & AMHR #36446A

Dam:  Wa-Full Bud's Betty
ASPC #141643A & AMHR #56410B

"Buddy" is a combination of Crescent & Bud Wiser
bloodlines.  We used him and our grandson Tyler
has a nice silver dapple mare out of him.

Jim Bruggink is his new owner
pictured at 4 yrs old
aka "Sparrow"
Wa-Full Jim's Sparrow

ASPC #136374A
1985 to 2002

Sire:  Golden Boy's Captain Jim H.
Dam"  Masters Golden Robin

Breeder:  Paul or Chris Wait

"Sparrow" was a beautiful horse!
aka "Mister"
B & L's "Mr. Palomino Proud"

ASPC #134532B
DOB:  6-10-81

Sire:  B & L's Music Man
Dam:  Johnston's Golden Starlight

Breeder:  Loyd or Bonnie Hittle

"Mr." is the sire of our stallion "Bud Wiser"
"Mr." is a son of the well known Music Man"
aka "Peter Pan"
aka "Peter Pan"
Custom Maid's Peter Pan

ASPC #131152A
1974 to 1999

Sire:  Hillswick Blue Too
Dam:  Kewpie Doll's Custom Maid

Breeder:  Elbert or Norma Runnels

He really was a little "pixie"
aka "Rojo"
Diabolo's Rojo of Arenosa

March 11, 1987

ASPC #137297A

"Kewpie Doll's Diablo" X "Kewpie's Chula of Arenosa

Owners:  Steve Langer or Terry L. Brooks

pictured at 16 years old
aka "Kaluah"
Wa-Full Koaloa Spring

March 23, 1989

ASPC #138984A

"Wa-Full Golden Bennie" X "Wa-Full Jims Golden Brandy"

Bred by Wa-Full Farm, Paul or Chris Wait

"Kaluah" is a paternal brother to Wa-Full Bennie Diablo.  He
was shown extensively in Canada in open shows & beaten
only by his sire, Wa-Full Golden Bennie.

pictured at 13 years old
Wall Street Navigator's
First Shot
(barn name "Wally")
ASPC #155312A & AMHR # (Pending)

Sire:  B&L's Rock "E" The Navigator
(Rock "E" Son)
Dam:  Rhapsody's Merry Madonna
(Philharmonic Daughter)
Lust's Par Excellence (aka Xman)
ASPC #14273A & AMHR #59221B
Born:  July 25, 1994

Sire:  Kewpie's Hidalgo of Arenosa
ASPC #134958A & AMHR #6847B

Dam:  Kewpie's Tonya of Arenosa
ASPC #134203A & AMHR #6846B

Breeder:  Charles or Helen Lust, Lafayette, N

Establo Jeronimo
ASPC# 150172A  AMHA# 222752B
DOB: 3/8/02

Sire: Kewpie's Klassic Kreation of
Dam:  Kewpie's Sanjuana of Arenosa

Bred By: Glenn or Sandy Nicolls
Wa-Full Bennie Diablo
May 2, 1989
ASPC #138542A

Bred By Wa-Full Farm, Paul or Chris

"Wa-Full Golden Bennie" X "Wa-Full
Prince Feather Babe"

1991 National All-Star 3rd place Open
Pleasure Driving

pictured at 4 yrs old
Wa-Full Mr. T.P.

July 4, 1990
ASPC #140620A & AMHR #36446

Bred by Wa-Full Farm, Paul or Chris

"Wa-Full Jim's Mr. T" X "Double Golden

T Top is deeply Crescent bred on both
top & bottom sides of his pedigree

pictured at 11 yrs old
Wa-Full Unique Bob-the-Builder

DOB:  4-27-2008
ASPC #158960 & AMHR 295668T

Sire:  Lee-Land Unique
Dam:  Wa-Full Rojo's Betty Boo

AMHR Model Stallion; 4 Champ AMHR 2yr old Stallion,
33"-37"; 3
AMHR Jr. Champ & 1 Res Jr. Champ Stallion; 1 AMHR
Grand Champ
& 1 AMHR Res Grand Champ Stallion - Over; 4 Champ
Owned by Mike & Lisa Strassle
We are very proud of "Bob