Brian, Tracey, Tyler and Samantha Slagle of Central City, Nebraska would like to welcome you.  We raise, show and enjoy registered
miniature horses and shetlands.  Tracey works full time at the County Roads and Surveyors Dept.  She also manages horse show
across the United States - Double SS Show Management.   

If there is anything you are looking for please contact us.  We will be glad to help you out.  We always have something for sale.  And
love to just talk ponies!!
                                                                                             Brian, Tracey, Tyler & Samantha
Blue Chips Cora VB - 42"
1979 - 2005
Area VI National Champion Draft Driving
Driver:  Tyler Slagle

Thanks Cora for all the fun.  You are missed.
Kropps Apache Kid
7-3-1998   AMHR 35"
This little wagon was given to us from the
Jean Morrisey estate.  The two kids and their
cousin Zach were in the christmas of lights
Wa-Full Bennie's Rock
ASPC - 45"
2006 Congress Country Pleasure Amateur
Driving, 46" & Under - Tracey Slagle

Congratulations to Kelli Brown, Wichita, KS,
for purchasing Rock.
Driven by Tyler Slagle

Wa-Full Bennie Diablo

DOB:   6-10-2010  ASPC #160653

 Rocket's Will Doo  140311A
 Fort Knox's Black Fantasy WAH  140987B
Driven by Tracey Slagle

2012 Congress Champion
Country Pleasure Driving Stake, under
Draft Pleasure Driving Stake
Shown by Samantha Slagle

2012 Congress Champion
Classic Aged Gelding 5yrs & Older
Lee-Land Scampr
ASPC #156259

Sire:  Lee-Land Caper
Dam:  Lee-Land Rhapsody

owned by Donna Norcross
Wilk. Sparks In The Wind (HOF)
ASPC #159538  DOB: 4/19/09
aka Sparks

Sire:  Silent Pre-Mo-Nition, EDV
Dam:  Sugar-N-Spice FMF

20110 Congress Champion MP 2 yearling Stallion,
2010 Res Congress Champ MP Amt Owned & Shown
Riverstone's Bud Select
ASPC #155426 DOB: 5/8/06
aka - Bud

Sire:  Wa-Full This Buds For You
Dam:  Wilk. Ravens Poor Lil Rich Girl

MSCBS Spotlight Show 2012
1st Classic Stallion Amateur Owned/Shown
We are anxiously awaiting
the arrival of our 2013
foals out of both
"Sparks" & "Bud"!!

Watch next spring for
pictures of their babies!
Prairie's Bucking Bunny
ASPC #162551
DOB: 4/8/12

Sire:  Thistle Ridge R. Red Ranger
Dam:  Thistle Ridge M.M. Millie

2012 Area VI Nat'l Show
1st place Classic Mare Foal of Current Year
Thistle Ridge M.M. Millie
ASPC #149053A  DOB: 5/12/01

Sire:  Thistle Ridge B.P. Mr. Majestic
Dam:  Double Painted Patty Red

Dam of Foal Pictured Above

Bred to "Sparks" for 2013
Wilk. Magic Carpet Ride (HOF)
ASPC #159549

DOB: 4/28/09

Sire:  Silent Pre-Mo-Nition, EDV
Dam:  Wilk. Hearts Desire

2010 Congress Top Ten
Youth Classic Mare, over
Classic Mare, over & Amt O/S

Bred to "Bud" for 2013
Wilk. Stars N Stripes
ASPC #161147 DOB: 7/4/10

Sire:  Red Rock Tomorrow's Kid Lee
Dam:  Wilk. A Vision In Black

Bred to "Sparks" for 2013
P.C. Perfect Pixie
ASPC #158582 DOB: 158582

Sire:  P.C. Visa Gold
Dam:  Delilah's Molly Madiera

Bred to "Sparks" for 2013
Prairie's Show Me The
Bling Bling
AMHR #305752T  DOB:  305752T

Lust's Main Attraction
DAM:  Prairie's Little Red Sara
California's Free Spirit
AMHR #276672B  DOB: 4/1/06

Sire:  N.J.'s Sandhill Spirit (HOF) #224489B
Dam:  Cherihill Dahlia #229511B

His is not only a beautiful halter horse but
also a driving horse!  He has been shown in
AMHR Open & Youth Classes
Photo Gallery
Prairie's Snip
AMHR #pending

Sire:  Wa-Full Bud's Sweet Snip
Dam:  Prairie's Little Red Sara
Wilk. Flip The Visionary
ASPC #161738  DOB 5/8/11

Sire:  Wilk. The Visionary #158831
Dam:  Wilk. Promise Me #154435A

Thanks to
Equine Expressions for the Photos
National All-Star

Champ Foundation Gelding, Owned Bred & Shown by Exhib / Champ Classic Gelding Amateur Owned & Shown 42" & under
Champ Classic Aged Gelding 5yrs & older  /Champ Classic Open, Ladies & Stake Draft Single Driving

Numerous Top Ten National All-Star Awards went to Lee-Land Scampr also - congrats to Donna Norcross