Tyler, Tracey & Apache at Des
Moines, IA
Apache and Tyler
Apache with Tyler driving along with
Zach, Jacob, Maddy, Sami and Paul
Queen, Dan, Zach, & Patsy
Paul's palomino herd a few years ago.
Queen, Sami, and Dan
Chris driving Jack & Jill
- Blue roan team.  Pict.
This team of full sisters have been sold to Jane Moody & Liz
Hendrick, California,  
This is Paul with the old "Jim" horse
with five of his daughters.  Pict. 90's
Paul & Chris enjoying the 3 grand kids,
Tyler, Zach, & Samantha at Christmas
Paul's herd of mares a few years ago.
Patsy, Zach & Chris at the Roy Roger
Museum in Branson, MO before it
closed in 2009
Paul with his team of mares in the 4th
of July 2010 parade in Central City.  All
the kids throwing candy. Team has
been sold to CA.  Thanks for your

Left - Samantha on top of snow drift at
driveway of Wa-Full Farm.

Right - Tracey taking a sleigh ride with
Wa-Full Bennie Diablo
This was taken during the 2010 River
City Round Up in Omaha, NE.  Trigger
& Bullet are now owned by RFD-TV
and house in Omaha, NE.  They
started the travels in Omaha - what a
better place to start.  They will be
headed to Florida and around the US.  
Paul and Chris went down there to see
them up close and have their picture
taken with them.  Chris is an avid
collector of Roy Roger's Memorbilia.  
Zach Egeland is also a fame of Roy
and Trigger also.  If you every get the
change to see them do.  It is all worth
it.  Our cowboy heritage is going by the
way side.
At the right, Paul & Chris with their
grandkids, Zach & Sami.

Trigger & Bullet on their tour around
the US stopped at the NE State Fair
Papa driving his team
Glory and Joy
They are full sister to
Sweet Pea & Sweet Lee
on the mare page
Gary Ossenkop was a
great family friend who
is missed daily!
8/19/48 - 3/9/15
Zach Egeland
(grandson) 6th grade
football team.  He's in
front row middle guy.